Ammonia Racks

Our natural refrigerant Ammonia racks are suitable for low-, medium- and high-temperature applications.

Screw compressors offered:

– Bitzer

– Mycom

Gravity or pumped flooded system.

Oil system:

  • Oil Separator designed by Arctic:
    • Electric heater with termostast
    • Switch level
    • Sight glass
    • Safety valves
    • Coalescent filters
  • Thermostatic mixing valve
  • Differential pressure switch in the coalescent filter stage
  • Oil pump with differential pressure valve when the machine requires it
  • Oil cooling by termosyphon:
    • Exchanger cools the oil by thermosyphon, adapted to the power required
    • Inlet and outlet valves
    • Drain valve
    • Filter
    • Safety valve


  • Cladding (with or without Acoustic insulation)
  • Open economizer
  • Closed economizer
  • Pumped skid with separator